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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 13, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PST

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this morning, whitney houston remembered. >> new details from the hotel. pills found by her side as her death cast a shadow over this year's grammys. her fellow titans of music all paying tribute. ♪ and i will always love you >> one of the night's highlights. a soulful sendoff there. we have more reaction from around the world. >> and whitney's interview with diane sawyer a decade ago was still revealing, oh, so very much. plus, the grammy celebration. a perfect night for adele. a not so fashion choiceome
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fashion choices. and good monday morning, everyone. i'm paula faris. >> and i'm rob nelson. as fans, of course, mourn the loss of singer whitney houston we are learning some new details about her final moments here, the very latest. >> reports say houston may have drowned after mixing alcohol and an anti-anxiety drug. official results won't be known for about six to eight weeks. >> meanwhile, houston's only child, her daughter bobbi kristina has been released from the hospital after being treated for stress and anxiety. >> family and friends worry she might be suicidal. her father bobby brown arrived saturday night to be at her side as she grieved. >> and houston was remembered last night at the grammy awards. >> oh, yes.
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we begin with diana alvear outside of the staples center. >> reporter: rob and paula good morning. the grammys are about celebrating. that's exactly what happened last night. whitney houston was there in spirit. as star after star took the stage to honor her night and legacy. on a night when the music industry honors its biggest stars sadness tinged the celebration. >> there's no way around this, we've had a death in our family. >> reporter: they opened with a prayer. >> to have a lasting memory of music to cherish and share forever. >> reporter: her legacy was honored throughout the show. >> i just want to say up to whitney up in heaven, we all love you, whitney. >> reporter: one of her biggest fans singing houston's biggest hit, in tribute to her idol. ♪ and i will always love you >> reporter: as the show began, the los angeles coroner
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announced houston's autopsy was complete but it may be several weeks before they determine what killed her. >> because the death is deferred, pending toxicology and other findings. >> reporter: her daughter was taken to the hospital and treated for stress and anxiety. she's at her mother's side for a grammy party for what no one could have predicted would be houston's last time singing on stage singing an impromptu duet with grammy nominee kelly price. >> that song whitney sang in that moment with kelly price was "yes, jesus loves me. "musical industry stars pay tribute as they walked the carpet. >> all seemed touched by the tragic and untimely death.
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>> it's a horrible thing. >> i have to say "i will always love you" just -- >> whitney should be here. >> every song she did was phenomenal because she's such a great talent. >> she was a beautiful spirit. she was an incredible voice we was blessed with. >> that voice. houston had been in town to perform at the pregrammy party thrown every year by her longtime mentor clive davis. >> that's right. it was at that party 30 years ago, where he first introduced her and that's where she met her end. the irony there so surreal. and the marquee in new york at the famed apollo theatre reads "a true music icon. and the lyrics to "yes jesus loved me." >> and to remember at the new jersey church where houston first sang in public as a child. her mother, cissy houston, was
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the choir director at the new hope baptist church in newark. many pa ririshioners said they e devastated to learn about the death. >> houston's battle with drug and alcohol were certainly well-known, she spoke about them quite frankly to abc's diane sawyer in a very famous interview that actually took place about ten years ago. >> reports say there were several different prescription bottles found in her holt room. abc's dr. richard besser said the combination may have proved to be fatal. >> every drug has side effects but when you combine drugs you more than magnify those side effects. what we're looking to so could a combination of drugs have had something to do with her stopping breathing and with her death. >> dr. besser said addicts often go through cycles of recovery and relapse, even with support of family and friends around them. of course, you'll have much more on the death of whitney houston later this half hour.
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on top of that, stay with us for "gma," the live extended coverage this morning from los angeles. we turn to other news beginning overseas in greece where lawmakers have approved a package of deep economic cuts but as that vote neared, violence riots erupted in athens. more than 100,000 protesters marched into the city. some of them clashing with police and lobbing fire bombs. dozens of buildings burned into the night. more than 100 people were injured. and back here at home, backlash from catholic bishops over the president's mandate to pay for birth control. the controversy yesterday after mr. obama proposed a compromise that would require insurance companies to pay that takes the church out of the mix. while the catholic health organization applauded that so-called accommodation, the bishops still say it's unacceptable. well, it was a great weekend for mitt romney, he eked out a victory in the maine caucuses.
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and romney also won a straw poll conducted. the presidential candidates may very well reach out to whoever it was that bought the one and only winning ticket in saturday's powerball drawing. it was sold in rhode island. no one has stepped forward to claim that big jackpot. whoever it is is now $336 million richer. or if they pick the lump sum, they'll have to be satisfied with just a meager 200 million bucks. >> i can't even wrap my mind around that much money. >> hmm what a tough problem to have. i'll take that problem. time for the weather across the nation. snow from lake tahoe to the colorado rockies. 3 inches of snow in kansas city, omaha, chicago and des moines. icy in little rock and memphis.
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rain in new orleans and southern texas. >> 53 in dallas. 70 in miami. meanwhile 40s in the northeast. mostly 30ss in the middle of the country. 56 in sacramento. phoenix at 68. albuquerque, 52. well, coming up, that voice. remembering whitney houston. sales of her songs spiking online this morning. plus that interview, diane sawyer sitting down with the pop icon revealing a long history oi
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welcome back, everyone. it's a big day at the white house. president obama sent his budget to congress with the goal of reducing the deficit by $4 trillion over the next decade. it also calls for more spending on transportation and education too boost economic growth. but republicans say the budget proposal would do just the opposite by raising taxes on the wealthy. overseas budgets are up. tokyo's nikkei average gained 52 points. today. hong kong's hang seng is up 104. the dow fell 61 points last week. the nasdaq index gave up two points. and as we see when other pop stars have died, download numbers have soared. "i will always love you" has been at the top since saturday.
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her death was also very big news on twitter with more than 2.5 million tweets and retweets. in the first 2 1/2 hours after the news broke that rival was super bowl. and moviegoers took the vow this weekend. "the vow" took in 42 millions. action thriller "safe house" saw $39 million. and the sequel to "journey 2:"took in third. and the silent homage to the days of hollywood won best film, best actor and best screen play. a big surprise for say movie with very few spoken words. next on this monday morning, a surprise from osama bin laden family that he encouraged his children to better themselves by coming here to america. and that remarkable interview, diane sawyer and whitney houston, a singer trying
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♪ bertolli soup's in the freezer aisle ♪ now for a look at morning road conditions. wet on i-5 from sacramento to san diego. snowy in parts of i-15. 25 and 70 in the rockies. ice and snow and ice, 35, from des moines to dallas. i-80. slick on i-40 from oklahoma city to memphis. >> if you're flying airport delays possible in houston, new orleans, memphis, chicago and san francisco. >> we you have no on the circumstances surrounding whitney houston's death. reports say several anxiety drugs were found in her hotel room. >> houston spoke with abc's diane sawyer ten years ago.
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>> i have gone through that but there are times i have known i've gone through a lot of emotion. >> whitney dying, crack rehab fails. >> first of all, let's get one thing straight. crack is cheap. i make too much money to ever do crack. let's get that straight. okay. we don't do crack. we don't do that. crack is whack. >> is it alcohol? is it marijuana? is it cocaine? is it pills? >> it has been, at times. >> all? >> at times. >> how scared did you get? >> scared. when they said i had died, i didn't. i changed my mind. i changed my mind. yep. because i didn't want to look like the rest of them. i didn't want to be like them.
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it frightened me. >> do you think you came close? >> i think as close as anybody can get. i don't want to come closer. definitely as close as i want to be. >> how sure are you that those bad days you talked about are behind you? >> i know that i'm -- i'm on the right path because i'm back home. i started here. i can't tell you that i'm perfect, diane. >> everybody says it's day by day. day by day. >> yes, yes, yes. >> but now do you say not at all or i can -- >> i can still tell you that. i can tell you that. i'm not a person who wants to die. i'm a person who has life and
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wants to live. >> so funny she made that comment about money because there were reports in her final months of her life, she was completely broke. nonetheless, the death makes news around the world. >> from the "new york post" says "diva's last hours." they said outside her bathroom door, several aides just waiting. they didn't know anything was wrong. >> and here the head line "the age." the voice of an angel." i think that says it all about her end. other head lines. victims of the "costa concordia" are being remembered one day, one month after the ship sank. 15 people, including a couple from minnesota, are still missing and presumed dead. 17 bodies have been recovered. over the weekend, crews began pumping oil from that sinking ship. officials say it will take 28 consecutive days to finish pumping all of that fuel. there's also word that osama
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bin laden did not want his children to follow in his footsteps. his brother-in-law tells a terrorist newspaper that the terror leader told his children to go to college in the u.s. and live in peace. bin laden's fifth wife has been in pakistan in custody since the u.s. raid on their compound. in sports news, a battle of the titans at pebble beach. tigers woods was one shot out of the hole on yesterday's. but he collapsed. his playing partner, phil mickelson surged from two shots behind. >> tiger not all the way back gist yet. rom music from adelee pulse," to the boss. we've got the night's best performances from last night grammys. plus, what the show's known for -- those outrageous red carpet styles. [ female announcer ] gross -- i'll tell you what's really gross:
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she also performed "rolling in the deep." ♪ rolling in the deep ♪ you have my heart inside your head ♪ >> she's got some pipes. that was adele's first performance since having vocal cord surgery in november. her album "21" sold 26 million copies. also katy perry smashed through a box and hit the stage with blue hair and skin tight suit. apparently lashing out at husband russell brand over their recent breakup. >> a real life experience. also raising eyebrows is nicki minaj. she gave a performance including a fiery backdrop speaking in
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tongues and levitating off the ground. bizarre and weird. >> i don't get it either. and the closing performance. some veteran acts show they still got it. paul mccartney performed his "abby road" medley with joe walsh and the boss. ♪ >> and, of course, grammy fashion is always outrageous. you probably remember j. lo's versace dress and lady gaga's egg. and a monster that showed up in a fish net creation. some fans say lady gaga was o - out-gagaed with nicki minaj. and look at this. the pope. i heard she designed that one for you. >> you know what, i give her two
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on facebook. next, nowhere to go. the east bay high school where students say administrators are breaking the law by blocking the bathrooms. how did it happen. new details emerge about what was discovered in the hotel room where whitney houston died. winter is back with a vengeance. gusts up to 45 miles per hour scattered showers. updating today's top news stories now. it could be weeks before we know
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the official cause of death for singer whitney houston. but it appears the singer may have drowned in her hotel bathtub after mixing an anti-anxiety drug and alcohol. and the cleanup after a night of rioting of a parliament vote. the custom is required by greece's creditors. in washington, the governor signs a bill legalizing gay marriage. looking at today's weather, snow from chicago to tulsa. ice and snow from dallas to san antonio. snow in the rockies and showers from san diego to san francisco. and finally from us this morning, as the world, of course, mourns the loss of whitney houston, condolences continue to pour in. >> she's being remembered by fellow singers and celebs for her unparalleled talent. a powerhouse like none other. more from linsey davis.
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♪ i will always love you ♪ ♪ >> reporter: it was at his pre-grammy party in 1982 were when clive davis first introduced whitney houston to the music world. and it was the same event last night when the legendary producer celebrated her life. >> and she had a talent beyond compare. >> reporter: oprah winfrey tweeted "to me whitney was the voice. we got to hear a part of god every time she sang." >> whitney houston! >> reporter: dolly parton offered this. mine is only one of the millions of hearts broken over the death of whitney houston." more than a voice, she was the inspiration of a new generation. >> and i would be like "oh i will dance with somebody." >> reporter: and from mariah carey who joined forces with houston after once rivaling her
4:29 am
on the pop charts, she tweeted "she will never be forgotten as one of the greatest voices to ever grace the earth." and then there was this from barba barbara streisand. "how sad her gifts could not bring her the same they brought us." a chorus of mourning for the loss of one of the greats. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> her greatest album is now the number one downloaded album on itunes. despite the demons, you remember the talent and the love and the memories. certainly, one of the best to ever stand in front of a mike. absolutely a real talent. ♪ whitney we love we love you absolutely a real talent. ♪ whitney we love we love you closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc


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